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Teaching “Wishes” & “Hopes” – Free Lesson Plan

Teaching “wishes” & “hopes” to both low and high levels of EFL learners is enjoyable. It is a great way for learners to talk about their aspirations, dreams, and even hidden desires. Here’s a practical lesson plan

2 Main Stages to Teach Any Dialogue

There are two main stages of teaching any dialogue: 1. Presenting the Dialogue: 1. Introduce the activity telling students that they’re going to read & listen to a dialogue. 2. Present the most important or the key

3 Stages to Teach Any Listening Activity

Presenting a listening activity goes in three stages. In each stage there are some steps that should be followed: #1. Pre-Listening Stage:   * Prepare students for the listening activity by: 1- Introduce the topic of listening; say

14 Steps to Teach The Short Story

Introductory Lesson 1- Introduce the title and the author.  2- Introduce the characters and the names of places. 3- Point out the glossary and how it is organized & how to use it. 4- Assign a page