3 Stages to Teach Any Listening Activity

teaching a listening activity

Presenting a listening activity goes in three stages. In each stage there are some steps that should be followed:

#1. Pre-Listening Stage: 

 * Prepare students for the listening activity by:

1- Introduce the topic of listening; say the title of the topic.

2- Activate students’ existing knowledge; lead a discussion around the topic to elicit what students already know about the topic and what they need to know or what information they anticipate to listen to.

3- Build prior knowledge; provide appropriate background information about the speakers, the topic, concepts, and vocabulary embedded in the text, and motivate students’ interest to listen.

4- Define a purpose for the listening activity; ask students a pre-question to think of its answer while listening or identify a task for students to complete during listening.

#2. During Listening Stage:

* students listen to the text at least twice:

1- The first time allows students to answer the pre-question, get a general idea about the topic, and verify the accuracy of their predictions.

2- The second time and subsequent times help students to derive the information they need to complete the tasks identified in the pre-listening stage.

Examples for Some Tasks to be Done During Listening:

1- Answering some questions on specific information in the listening text.

2- A map chart/graph students complete as they listen.

#3. Post-Listening Stage:

* students act upon what they have heard to give evidence that they understood the text.

Examples for Some Post-Listening Tasks:

1- Summarize the main ideas of the listening text either orally or in writing.

2- Write a composition based on the material acquired during listening.

3- Outline the material they listened to in writing using charts, diagrams, etc

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