14 Steps to Teach The Short Story

teaching the short story

Introductory Lesson

1- Introduce the title and the author. 

2- Introduce the characters and the names of places.

3- Point out the glossary and how it is organized & how to use it.

4- Assign a page for quick, silent reading at home.

Page 1

5- Start by asking some warm-up questions about the previous lesson.

6. Ask students to look at the pictures on the page and encourage them to talk about these pictures by asking some prompt questions.

7- Present the meanings of the key words in the page.

8- Put one or more Pre-question on the main events on the page.

9- Ask students to read without knowing every word to answer the pre-question.  

10- Discuss the answers with students.

11- Put more questions about details & ask students to read again to answer.

11- Discuss the answers.

13- Ask students about what they expect may happen next.

14- Give three questions for students to answer at home to encourage students to read the next assigned page.

Do the same steps from 6 to 14 for each of the next pages of the short story.

About The Questions

1- Tackle the same types included in the specifications of the exam.

2- Ask most questions orally; write only 2 or 3 on the board of the most importance.

3- Give 3 questions for students to answer at home on what has been read and on the next assigned page of reading.

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